About the Artist

Welcome to I Heart Kid Art! This shop is dedicated to all things kid + art! The art varies from unique color wheels to cute monsters. 

Once finishing art school, I was so confused on what my work should focus on. Who was going to see it? Was I going to get a formal critique on each piece? Whats my intent?! Aaah!

Then, I relaxed. I began to remember why I had chosen to go to art school in the first place. I love to draw/doodle/paint! I realized I can step away from art theories for a while and just draw... and thats OK!

I Heart Kid Art is a place where I can create hairy monsters or paint a cute jellyfish. Its a place where I can pay homage to pop art. Its a place where I can let my mind unwind and just create! <3


- Minerva Torres-Guzman

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